Our client base is indeed a diverse mixture. It includes individuals, families, small & medium size businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Our clients reside throughout the United States and also have facilities located in international locales. Business clients include a wide range of professional service concerns and manufacturing companies.

  • Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management

    For Individuals, Trust Services and Businesses

    • Investment Portfolio Brokerage Services
    • Portfolio Review
    • Portfolio Allocation & Design
    • Third Party Portfolio Management Service
  • Insurance Products

    For the Individual

    • Life Insurance
    • Annuities
    • Disability Insurance
    • Long-Term Care Insurance

    For Businesses

    • Employee Benefit Plans
      • Health
      • Dental
      • Life
      • Disability
      • Cafeteria Plans
    • Key Person Life & Disability
    • Business Continuation Coverage
    • Business Overhead & Expense Coverage
  • Retirement Planning & Consultation

    We believe retirement planning is a main event in the lives of our clients.

    While many of our clients elect to continue working into their 70's & 80's, nonetheless we recommend that a working plan should continually be in place for the possibility of no longer working due to age and/or health considerations. Our experience has been that a large component of a person's retirement savings is derived from employer-sponsored plans such as 401k, teacher's retirement (403b plan), etc. In our planning, we integrate all possible sources of retirement income and through our reporting system; we are able to display each account individually and in the aggregate.

    For our business clients, Davis & Wehrle, LLC can assume a consultation role only, or we can be retained to act in the capacity of a financial advisor in which we acknowledge our role as a plan fiduciary. Our duties may include the selection and monitoring of the plan investments and providing investment advice to plan participants. Once we are retained, the client/plan sponsor is provided with a comprehensive checklist of duties

    For the Individual

    • Insurance Policy Review & Needs Analysis
    • Financial Review

    For Businesses

    • Retirement Plan Consultation & Plan Design
    • Employee Benefit Review & Consultation

    Defined Contribution

    • 401(k)
    • 403(b)
    • 501(c)(3)

    Defined Benefit

    • 401(a)
  • Financial Advice & Risk Management

    Davis & Wehrle, LLC's objective with each individual client is to ultimately provide a personalized plan tailored to their specific and unique needs.

    In many instances, an individual client's financial goals are dependent upon a combination of personal assets and employee benefits provided in the workplace. In due course, this requires a planning strategy which is consistent with these goals and anticipates future liquidity and income needs. Furthermore, we are mindful of possible tax strategies and the impact our plans may have on potential estate taxation. Therefore, we make every effort to coordinate with our client's other professional advisors (attorney's, CPA®'s, etc.) to help them achieve their personal and financial goals.

    For our business clientele, a full evaluation of current benefits is available which includes a risk analysis in the event of unforeseen financial hardship. Typically, we will be able to assist a business owner in utilizing their company benefit programs as a major component in achieving their personal financial goals.